– Be a Campus Rep –

As a CR you will be promoting the Chapter Threads brand by networking with student organizations, fulfilling a sales pipeline, and providing apparel for thousands of students on campus!

– Whats in it for you? –


Commission on every order you place! The more you sell the more you make!


We know you’re busy with class and school activities, that’s why we let you pick the hours.


Gain valuable skills in customer service and sales by connecting with new people on campus.


We’re here to help you advance as you move into the professional world.


Audrey K.

Miami University of Ohio

Becoming a Campus Rep was easily one of the best decisions I have made in college. Since becoming a CR, I have been able earn endless amounts of money, meet so many new people on campus, and work around my busy school schedule. The most rewarding part of working for Chapter Threads is that it’s given me the opportunity to be a leader on campus. I couldn’t be happier to represent Chapter Threads here at Miami University!

Mikal O.

University of Pittsburgh

What I love most about being a Campus Rep here at the University of Pittsburgh is that I get the opportunity to interact with my peers on a day to day basis. Knowing that my work has an impact on hundreds of other college students each year makes this the most rewarding opportunity I’ve been apart of. Since joining the team, I have gained so much valuable work experience and been able to make more money than I could have ever imagined for a part-time job in college. I’m proud to say that I represent such an amazing company!